Wednesday, August 03, 2011

MLB All-Star Festivities

In July, I want to Arizona for all the MLB All-Star Festivities. It was an awesome experience!! On Saturday, July 9th, I went to All-Star Fan Fest with my parents, Jeanine, Zack and Mitch. It was a baseball lover's dream. They had areas set up to practice all your baseball skills - batting, pitching, fielding, and sliding. Here are a few pictures:

Dad, Me, Zack, and Mitch

Mitch watching them run the bases.

Zack and Mitch sliding into home.
(I cut off Zack and missed his slide, but you can see Mitch's).

On Sunday, July 10th, my dad and I went to Chase Field to see the Futures Game and the Legends and Celebrity Softball Game. The Futures Game is made up of minor league players. The fun thing is that a majority of MLB All-Star players were selected to play in the Futures Game when they were playing minor league ball. The players are divided into teams based upon their nationality - USA vs. the World. The USA ended up winning 6-4. The Legends & Celebrity Softball Game was also pretty fun to watch. D-Back's favorites, Luis Gonzalez and Mark Grace, were two of the legends to participate.

Team USA and Team World.
The mound is surrounded by flags, representing all participants.

Setting up the field for the softball game.
Can you see they're shortening the outfield.
Cool thing is, they even brought in a small pool.

On Monday, July 11th, we went the Home Run Derby. This was by far my favorite event we attended. Man, can those boys hit!! Although I'm not much of a Yankee fan, I was cheering for Robinson Cano. He was very, very impressive and I'm glad he ended up taking it.

After Cano's win.

Finally, on Tuesday, July 12th, we attended the All-Star Game. It was such a fun experience to see the game at Chase Field. D-Back players, Justin Upton and Miguel Montero, were cheered on the loudest. It was great to see!! Although, the player I enjoyed seeing the most was Kevin Youkilis. I had never seen him bat in person and I loved seeing it!! Of course, the best thing about the game - the score. National League took it 5-1. Home Field Advantage, baby.

Me watching warm-ups.

Me and my dad.
I have no idea why we're not looking into the camera.

I love this shot. The D-Back's A and the All-Star.

Right before the National Anthem.