Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saturday Night Hilarity

I know, I know. Saturday nights can be wild and crazy, and last Saturday was no exception. First of all, my roommates and I did our visiting teaching. This is quite easy since we meet in visiting teaching groups and our group consists of us and one other sister. Not just any sister, but one of our favorites, Mary. We invited Mary over for dinner (fajitas, of course) and were pleasantly surprised when she brought over warm, home-made pumpkin bread. We chatted, ate our fajitas, and then cut into the pumpkin bread, or should I say, pumpkin batter. From the outside the loaf looked divine, but from the inside it was pretty runny. Of course, we ate it anyways. Mary felt so bad, but we didn't mind. She even called the next day to apologize about it. I'm including a picture of her and the famous loaf.

Then, we went to the adult session of stake conference. I know, wild and crazy. After stake conference, we invited some of our fellow ward members over to play games. Again, wild and crazy. Okay, not so wild and crazy, but still good times. I'm also including two pictures from our game night. Enjoy!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

New Year's Eve Picture

Okay, so the month of January is almost over, but I figured it was better late than never. New Year's Eve has always been a holiday I've disliked and this year was no exception. Although I had loads of fun, it felt like a weekend hanging out with friends, not a momentous holiday. Anyways, here is a picture from that night.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

100 Things About Me (1-20)

The top things about me. Here's 100 (okay, 1-20) things about me.

1. Born on February 9, 1978.
2. Only daughter.
3. Oldest of 4 children.
4. Loves toile.
5. Hates spiders.
6. Went to Ricks when it was called Ricks.
7. Graduated from BYU with BA in Political Science.
8. Cannot dive into water, but can float.
9. Believes Cherry Coke is sweet nectar.
10. Loves lip gloss. Currently had 9 different kinds in my purse.
11. Believes Morrissey is a lyrical genius.
12. Subscribes to Entertainment Weekly.
13. Graduated with Masters in Education in 2005.
14. Taught Gospel Doctrine for 4 years - best calling ever.
15. Has become master decorator since becoming home owner.
16. Purchased home in October 2005.
17. Dedicated to text messaging.
18. Enjoys pho - delicious Vietnamese soup.
19. Has worked at Midvale Middle School for 7 years.
20. Teaches English, reading, and geography for special education department.

Friday, January 26, 2007

100 Things About Me (21-40)

Only one more post after this one. Try not to cry. Here's 100 (okay, 21-40) things about me.

21. Favorite candy is Good and Plenty.
22. Loves hoody sweat shirts.
23. Has been to 9 countries.
24. Has been to 27 states.
25. Proud member of The Colbert Nation.
26. Uses the phrase, "I heart __________" instead of "I love __________."
27. I heart DVR.
28. Was DC intern during Clinton Administration. Did not know Monica.
29. Interned at United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of International Visitors, Voluntary Visitors Division, Latin America, Middle East, and SE Asia Division. Talk about bureaucracy.
30. Coached Midvale Middle School's Mock Trial team leading them to 4th place in state finals.
31. Proud owner of 80 gig IPod. Thanks Santa.
32. Enjoys 80s everything. Movies, music, fashion. What can I say? I heart the 80s.
33. Fan of Jane Austen and BBC period dramas.
34. Believes HBO's Band of Brothers is best thing ever filmed.
35. Has received excellent graduation gifts from my parents: trip to Europe, diamond ring, diamond earrings, antique grandfather clock.
36. Registered Democrat.
37. Disappointed with the democratic party. Okay, politics and government in general.
38. TV makes me happy.
39. Likes to use the word shite because I think it's not a swear word.
40. #1 Guilty pleasure - reality TV such as The Amazing Race, Beauty and the Geek, Miami Ink, and my favorite, Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

100 Things About Me (41-60)

Yes, another post all about me. Here's 100 (okay, 41-60) things about me.

41. Thursdays = TV + Cold Stone
42. Have had 18 roommates.
43. Love blogging; hate journaling.
44. Fan of The Office (BBC version) before The Office (NBC version) was cool.
45. Wanted to be an astronaut in 3rd grade.
46. Spends hours solving Sudoku puzzles.
47. Makes killer scrambie eggs and fajitas (and that's it).
48. Has never been on a cruise.
49. Fat, but loves being in a bathing suit.
50. Spends Saturdays at 2nd job - The Clockworks.
51. Loves the words vicinity, obstinate, and asinine.
52. Also, naughty.
53. Hates the education phrase, "life long learners."
54. Plus the word "rigorous" when referring to education.
55. Plus the words "exercise" and "diet" when referring to my life style.
56. Gets majority of world news from Comedy Central - That's right, from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
57. Currently has debilitating cold.
58. Called in sick - hence the extra time to generate this list.
59. Has reoccurring dream that contact lenses are too big for eyes. And when I say dream, I mean nightmare.
60. Often use the phrase, "And when I say __________, I mean __________."

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

100 Things About Me (61-80)

Try to contain your excitement. Here is part two in a five part series all about me. Here's 100 (okay, 61-80) things about me.

61. Not a Harry Potter fan.
62. Cries during Hallmark commercials.
63. Wants to name my children: Gracie, Abigail, Georgia, Elijah, and Jack. Okay, I probably won't have 5 children, but I like those names.
64. Loves it when my mom calls me "Little One."
65. Fascinated with maps and atlases (Is that how you pluralize atlas? Is it altli?).
66. Favorite color is pink.
67. Favorite season is Fall.
68. Favorite actor is Joaquin Phoenix.
69. Favorite actress is Kate Winslet.
70. Loves Maeve Binchy novels.
71. Loves historical fiction.
72. Owns several pairs of athletic shoes - mostly Vans.
73. Took hunter safety classes when I was 12 - first and only time I've shot a gun.
74. Find hunting to be a repulsive sport, but surprisingly love fishing. Gun vs. Hook. Does it make a difference?
75. Find myself exceptionally funny even if no one else does.
76. Love the ballet - season ticket holder for 4 years now.
77. Also love musicals - on film and the stage.
78. Believes encyclopedias and dictionaries have become obsolete. Ever hear of Google?
79. Has been taking college classes for 9 years now.
80. Had braces for 11 months - almost my entire senior year of high school.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

100 Things About Me (81-100)

This is the first (or last, depending on how you look at it) in a five part series all about me. Here's 100 (okay, 81-100) things about me.

81. Currently taking reading endorsement courses - will finish in 2009.
82. Thinks, nay knows, I'm photogenic.
83. Thinks the word "nay" should be used more often in conversation.
84. In addition to the phrase, "Make haste."
85. Am legally blind. Contact prescription is -9.50 in right eye; -10.50 in left eye.
86. Movies I could watch again and again: Reality Bites, Empire Records, and Bridget Jones's Diary.
87. Lived in Utah for 27 years - never been skiing.
88. Also lived in Rexburg, ID and Alexandria, VA.
89. Love the idea of wearing a locket. In fact, own and wear a locket, but have no picture inside.
90. Cannot roller skate, but can ride bike.
91. Adore museums. Can spend hours in a museum, but hate going with other people.
92. Want to be an artist. Taught myself to paint with watercolors.
93. Also, to create mosaics.
94. Love Barnes and Noble. Spend a lot of money there.
95. Plus, Amazon.com - love it; spend a lot of money there.
96. Am very good with money - started saving for retirement at 22.
97. Have had credit card for 11 years and paid off entire balance every month but 1.
98. Hate debt - Having mortgage is killing me.
99. Paid for graduate school with savings - Have never taken out student loan.
100. What!? Already 100; I had so much more to say.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pajama Party Extraordinaire

With a new year, came the desire to get to know more girls in my ward. Because of this, Lesli and I decided to throw a party. Not just any party, but a pajama party. It all started with some fabulous invitations.

Lesli and I making the invitations.

The finished product.

One of my favorite invitations up close.

Last Friday the day of the party finally arrived. I think it went very well. We had 9 people show up, plus Lesli and I, making it 11. We ate banana splits and popcorn, watched the movie Return to Me, and had a little girl talk. Loads of fun.

Kristen, Me, and Kolette.

Mary, Katrina, Emily, Megan, Lesli, and Femke.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Elie Wiesel

As I mentioned in my last post, during the Christmas break I read the book, Night. It tells the true story of Elie Wiesel. In this memoir, Wiesel relates his experiences during WWII. During the war, he and his family were deported to concentration camps. Both of his parents and a younger sister were killed there, but he survived. He went on to become a professor and the author of over 40 books. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. I was moved by his memoir, but not as much as I was by reading his speech upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. Take a moment to read this speech by clicking HERE.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Looking for something to read?

As a reading teacher, I never have time to read what I want to read. I am always busy reading young adult literature. However, over Christmas break, I was able to read 4 books that were on my list of books to read for ME. Here are the books I read (and in one case, re-read):
Now I'm back to young adult literature. Up next:
The Witch's Boy by Michael Gruber

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Picture for the New Year

This is my new picture for the new year. Isn't it fabulous?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Best of 2006

As the year 2006 came to a close, I saw a lot of "Best of 2006" lists. I thought I'd make one of my own to share with each of you.

  • Best Purchases:
    • Water Softener
    • TiVo (DVR)
    • New Washer & Dryer

  • Best Vacations: Because I now have a mortgage payment (okay, 2 mortgage payments) I haven't been able to go on a lot of big vacations, but 2006 was still filled with some fun smaller trips.

    • Las Vegas Birthday Celebration

    • Disneyland with the fam. (I know we are all adults, but we still love Disneyland).

                    • Arizona Road Trip

                  • Best New Singles Ward: I was really nervous to move into a new singles ward, but I loved being a part of the River Hills Ward in 2006.
                    • Working in the Relief Society Presidency with some of the coolest girls I've meet in a long time.
                    • Attending Wednesday's Dinner Group and Institute.
                    • River Rafting in Wyoming.
                    • Tricking everyone into thinking I'm really cool so they all want to be my friends. It's almost like The Best Keep Secret, Part II (only a few of my select friends will know what that one means).

                  • Best Parties:
                    • Fondue Party (I thought I had pictures of this, but I can't find them).
                    • The Office Party. For more click HERE and HERE.
                    • The Mocktail Party - even though I didn't host this party, it was fantastic!!

                  • Best of Midvale Middle School:
                    • In June I finished my 6th year at MMS. It was the best year teaching I've ever had (and unfortunately probably ever will)!!
                    • Participating in and WINNING Jordan School District's Amazing Race.
                    • Teaching Summer School and attending kick ass fieldtrips including Timpanogos Cave, Kennecott Copper Mine, Clark Planetarium and Lagoon. For more information on this awesome experience click HERE.
                    • In September I started my 7th year at MMS. It is not the best year I've ever had, but it is the easiest. I'm actually keeping my contract hours instead of working 1-2 unpaid extra hours a day.
                    • Starting my Reading Endorsement program and having all expenses paid by Jordan School District. Yes, I only have until 2009 then I'll be finished. (I figured by the time I finish this program, I'll have been taking college courses for 11 years!! 4 years for my undergraduate, 2 years for my special ed. endorsement/license, 2 years for my masters, and 3 years for my reading endorsement. CRAZY!!)

                  • Best Miscellaneous:
                    • Getting new roommates, Alina and Lesli. (Or as I refer to them A-line-a and Les-a-lee).
                    • Paying off my Pier One and RC Willey accounts. I had bought a lot of furniture when I moved into my new house: table, chairs, sofa, leather chair, mattress, refrigerator, etc. It was so nice to have it paid off (but then I bought my washer and dryer so this moment was short lived).
                    • Park City Get-Away. For more info, click HERE.