Saturday, October 15, 2011

Making Change

Last week I was at my grandma and grandpa's house when my cousin, Zack, walked in the front door. He lives a few houses away and saw my car in the driveway so he thought he would come over and solicit me for money for his school's jog-athon. He came straight in, ignoring my grandparents, and said, "Mandy, would you like to give me some money?" I just thought he was begging for money so I replied, "No." He continued, "But, Mandy, it's for my school's jog-athon and all the money will stay at the school." Well, I'm a sucker for school fundraisers, so I gave him 5 dollars.

My grandma then turned to my grandpa and told him to give Zack some money, as well. My grandpa got out his wallet and pulled out a 10 dollar bill. He told Zack, "I'll give you the 10 and you give me the 5." Zack snatched the 10 dollar bill from my grandpa and said, "How 'bout I have $15."

I started laughing. Apparently he knows all about adding money, but has yet been taught how to make change.