Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny Stuff

Today in class I played a review game with my students. They were put on teams and asked a series of questions on Greek mythology. One of my questions was, "Which Greek mythological figure stands in Rockefeller Center?" No one was getting the correct answer so I gave them a few hints, "He was the one who created men." All of a sudden I have tons of kids yelling, "Jesus." "Jesus Christ." "God."

Answer: Prometheus.


Sansego said...

I thought Prometheus gave man fire after stealing it from Zeus, the head god.

Mandalynn said...

Prometheus did give men fire, but I don't think he stole it from Zeus. I think he got it from the sun and gave it to man without Zeus's permission. His punishment was to be changed to a rock and have a bird eat his liver out.

But he is also credited with the creation of man. Zeus gave this task to Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus.