Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Remodeled Master Bathroom

This summer when I came home from Europe, I noticed that my shower drain was leaking and had even caused damage to the ceiling in my kitchen. "Great," I thought. Well, it actually did turn out to be a great thing. It spurned me to remodel my entire bathroom - something I'd wanted to do since I moved in. I liked my bathroom before, but it was pretty standard and I thought it had some odd spacing choices. Luckily, Randy Williamson, the owner of Colton Cannon Glass & Finishing, lives in my ward and was able to give me a very reasonable estimate for the remodel. I have been extremely impressed with the work that was done and highly recommend him!! If you are considering any remodeling in your own home, give Randy a call and have him give you an estimate. I promise, you will not be disappointed!! Anyways, here are some before and after pictures:

Before - The bathtub

Before - The Shower

Demo - Randy removed the dividing wall between the tub and shower.
He also removed the fiberglass shower and the surround from around the tub.

He then tiled the floor, built and tiled a shower bench,
and tiled the surround around the bathtub.

He also tiled the shower walls.
Ah, I love this brick pattern!!

Finished Product -
The bathtub with tiled surround and tiled shower bench.

Finished Product -
The tiled shower with decorative tile border,
tiled bench, and Euro glass enclosure.


Natalie said...

Love it! seriously, i do

Shower Enclosures Bronx said...

Damn! The new tile is so fresh! How much was it all in total, do you remember? Because it looks freakin' fantastic!

-Bronx Shower Doors

Terence Watthens said...

Thank goodness you decided to remodel your master bathroom, Mandalynn! It looked so tiny then, blame it to the thick division you had. Your fiberglass divider made your bathroom wide and spacious. ++Terence++