Sunday, May 01, 2011

You Say Yee-Haw

Let me set the scene: My family has just finished Sunday dinner. Everyone at the dinner table is listening to my dad, Ronnie, recount a story. That is, everyone except my 3 year-old cousin, Mitch. Mitch is sitting on the floor right next to my dad talking to himself. He does this all the time - he'll have entire conversations with himself. Well today, my dad's story and Mitch's conversation with himself collided to create a hilarious moment.

My dad: So, I had left the game (Diamondbacks/Cubs game) and made it to the parking lot. I had just gotten in the car and pulled up to leave the parking lot. There were still a lot of people leaving the game so I had to wait. Among the crowd of people were three women in Cubs shirts. As these three women were walking in front of the car, one of them turned to face the car, opened her shirt and flashed me!!

All of us: What?! (Laughing)

My dad: Yeah, she flashed me.

Mitch [to himself and totally unrelated]: When that happens, you say yee-haw.


Lalis said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Oh... that poor kid is never going to live that down, is he?

Emily said...

Ha! That's a classic! Love it!