Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Today as I got online to check out (it's set as my homepage), I gasped as I read the top headline, "Posey Likely Out for the Rest of the Season." Nooooo!!! I thought. I quickly clicked on the link and read the article about Posey's fractured bone and torn ligaments. I had a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I love watching him play and he's one of the main reasons I purchased All-Star tickets this year. I've already maxed out my All-Star votes voting for him (a move that has created some friction between me and my parents - They're both rooting for Miguel Montero). What awful news, I thought.

But then I began having mixed feelings. Yes, it's awful that my favorite player (Posey) is injured and most likely out for the rest of the season . . . But on the other hand, it could be very helpful to my favorite team (Diamondbacks). Right now the Diamondbacks are second in their division, just behind the Giants - In fact, their only 1.5 games behind. With Posey out of the picture, the Diamondbacks have a reasonable chance to lead the division - Seriously, lead it!! I know, I know, Posey's injury is awful and I feel awful about it - I really do. But, also a little giddy.

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