Sunday, June 26, 2011


The day after visiting Olympia we went to Epidaurus. This was absolutely my favorite place I visited on the entire trip. The Ancient Greeks believed that Apollo's son, Asclepios, was born in Epidaurus. Asclepios was known as the God of Healing so the Ancient Greeks established Epidaurus as a sanctuary for the ill in the 6th Century BC. The rod of Asclepios (a snake-entwined staff) is still used as the symbol of medicine today.

In the 4th Century BC, the Ancient Greeks built a Greek Theatre in Epidaurus. The theatre held 15,000 people and had excellent acoustics. I climbed to the top of the theatre (all 55 rows) and was still able to hear the speaker who was speaking center stage. It was amazing!!

The Theatre

Us girls sitting front row:
Amanda, Chelsea, Tanya, & Me
Ali, Sandra, Steph, & Amy

Me listening to the speaker from the top row.
Can you believe I could hear her talking?!

Me from the top the row.

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