Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Weekend

Once upon a time (May 26, 2011), I wrote a post titled, "Mixed Feelings." You can go back and read it, but it basically stated the beginning of a hope - a hope that the Diamondbacks would win the National League West Division. Well, on Friday, I was at Chase Field to witness that hope become a reality. It was awesome!! After finishing on the bottom of the division for the past two years, the Diamondbacks surprised everyone (even their most die-hard fans) by not only taking the entire division, but reigning close to the top of the entire league (they are currently in third place, but can move into second place with tonight's game). No one thought this was possible. In fact, after spring training, experts believed they would finish close to the bottom, again. They have truly been the surprise of MLB this year and I've loved watching every moment of it!! Here's a great video of the team celebrating after clinching the division:

Celebrating AZ style . . . by jumping in the pool.

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