Thursday, December 06, 2007

First Christmas Party

December is here and that means Christmas parties galore. I attended my first Christmas party last night - hosted by Ms. Ali Cole. It was a lot of fun to see girls I haven't seen in many, many months. How odd to think that we used to hold a girls' night out each Wednesday and I hadn't seen many of them for the past 25 Wednesdays. Anyway, here are a few pictures:

Me, Ali, & Christi

I decided to do a trial run on the giant bow. I'm thinking of wearing a giant bow in my hair to the Mocktail party this year, but I wanted to test the waters to see what others thought. Is it too ridiculous, or just ridiculous enough? Feel free to way in.

Me with my fantastic gift, Yahtzee.
It was a perfect gift. Everyone knows I love games.
Plus, the bow (in my hair).

I love this picture of Steph.
She also tried a bow in her hair.

Ali & Christi with their gifts.
Christi got green jewelry which is PERFECT for her.


Sansego said...

I love the bow in your hair!!! Very glam!

Tammy said...

You always seem to have the best time. Great pictures. Are you going to be at Grandma and Grandpa's party this year?

Alina said...

Interesting idea to put a bow in your hair......

Anonymous said...

Loved the Bow! and the pictures to. Who is your personal photographer? Oh wait, I think that's me! I look forward to your new Christmas present :) Really, I don't mind at all. I just love having someone around who enjoys getting their picture taken, as much as I love taking the pictures. Again, I LOVED the bow!