Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mocktail Party 2007

Yesterday I attended Ali, Steph, and Sandra's Annual Mocktail Party. It was filled with drinks, dancing, and dear friends. Here are a few pictures:

Me - I'm thinking of making this my profile picture. My mom says it makes me look "chunky through the middle." I replied, "I am chunky through the middle." What do you think? (Not of me being chunky, but of making this my profile picture? By the way, my current profile picture was taken at last year's Mocktail Party).

Christi & Me

Ali & Me

Shelly & Me

Dancing (I love this pic of Steph).

The Limbo

More Dancing


Sansego said...

I thought you were going with the other one with the 70s glasses and handcuffs!

Camie said...

My first vote is for the other one with the big S glasses, but this one is very nice too. Plus once it shrinks down to thumbnail size for the profile there will be no chunkiness.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that I think you are great! Thanks so much for all of the laughs and good times. I always seem to chuckle when I read your blog, and I think you always look FABULOUS! I'm glad that you love getting your picture taken too.