Friday, January 18, 2008

One Very Opinionated Man

This is a horrible picture of me, but a fantastic picture of my dad. My dad has been cracking me up lately. Yesterday was no exception. I was over at his house and we were watching the nightly news together. The news reported on the war in Iraq so naturally Ronnie had to go off on that - he kept ranting and raving about the poor job President Bush has done in regards to foreign affairs. The following story was about the economy. Again my dad added his two cents about President Bush's screw ups regarding the economy. The "fluff" story of the night was about Jenna Bush's upcoming wedding and her decision to have it in Crawford, Texas instead of the White House.

"That's it!" my dad exclaimed. "That just goes to show you idiocy is genetic. It started with Bush Senior, then went to Junior, and now it's been passed onto the daughter. Who in their right mind would get married in No Where, Texas when you could get married in the White House?" He went on (and on) about a website he'd like to create called, "The Idiot Gene." In said website he would list all the idiotic decisions Bush family members had made. It was cracking me up. He pretty much made comments during the entire broadcast. My mother had to eventually say, "You know, I would like to hear the news, but I'll I'm hearing is you." That didn't stop him.


Hobbs Family said...

King Ron is truly a character. Klint and I smile whenever we even see a picture of him!

Would you please send either me or Klint your address? If you don't have our email address, Kyle can give it to you. Thanks a bunch

Sansego said...

I love it! He's so right on. I was shocked as well that Jenna Bush decided to have a Crawford Ranch wedding instead of the White House! What was she thinking?!?

But you know that Chelsea Clinton wants a White House wedding. That's why she's not in a rush to marry her boyfriend. She's waiting for 2009!

Anyhow...didn't your dad vote for Bush?

meggie said...

I miss you Ronnie-Sue!

Mandalynn said...

Ronnie did vote for Bush. He says it's one of his biggest embarassments.

Tammy said...

Oh how I love your dad! He is awesome!

Sansego said...

Which time? Both elections? Does he realize that he deprived me of my dream job???