Thursday, January 17, 2008

Political Poll

Despite declaring myself apathetic towards politics, I can't help but be interested in the recent primary elections and the candidates. I've returned to my junkie ways - my junkie political way. I should have expected it - After all, I do have a B.A. in political science. Anyway, I saw this political poll on another blog so I thought I'd share - especially since many of you have some intense political opinions. If you are opinionated (or oblivious) the questions go rather quickly. Not surprisingly, I was most aligned with Bill Richardson, but since he's dropped out of the running, my second closest match was with Hillary. To take the poll, click HERE.

To see a past post on another political poll, click HERE.


leonard said...

you nazi.

Sansego said...

I was baffled when Richardson kept referring to the Soviet Union in the New Hampshire debate. What decade is he living in?

I don't think he'll be Hillary's running mate. I think he blew it with his covert plan to have his supporters swith to Obama in the Iowa caucus.

If one thing Queen Hillary doesn't want, it's disloyal subjects! But, I'll still vote for her if she's the nominee, just for the historical factor.

Emily said...

Thanks for the poll - I'm still totally undecided in this whole thing. It's nice to see how closely my feelings match their positions to give me a sense of who to vote for.

Camie said...

Ha! I'm closest to Bill then John Edwards and then Hill. Interesting, but not surprising.

AJ said...

Cool quiz. Thanks M!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't anybody talking about Ron Paul. He is by far the best candidate. I would like to say this year don't vote just for the party, vote for the candidate. And with that I'd like to say please check out Ron Paul on YouTube. One of my favorites to watch is RON PAUL-A NEW HOPE. And then join the revolution. Thank You!