Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mitch's 1st Birthday

Today is Mitch's 1st Birthday. (It's also Jackie's birthday & Louis's birthday was Sunday - their celebration pictures will follow later). Anyway, yesterday we celebrated Mitch's birthday with pizza, cake, ice cream, and presents. Here are a few pics:

Opening presents

With his favorite present - The Glo Worm.

Jackie and Adam provided the Elmo cake.

He wasn't quite sure about the cake in the beginning.

But by the end, he loved it.


Ruth & Ryan said...

My birthday is Monday (thanks bunches for the lovely gift!) and I think I will ask for an Elmo cake. It is lookin' pretty good right now!

Tammy said...

Cute pictures. I love the glo worm...I didn't know you could still get them.