Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mitchell George Johnson

On Tuesday, August 7th, my Aunt Jeanine gave birth to her second child, Mitchell George Johnson. He looks so different than his older brother Zack. Mitch has dark hair and chubby cheeks. Zack didn't have hair until he was over a year old and then it was blond. Also, Zack is tall and lean, especially in the face. Here are a few precious pictures.


Zack and Mitch

Me and Mitch


Sansego said...

The top photo is soooooo cute! There's something adorable about a baby's facial profile at an angle with an open mouth. It screams out, "I'm cute! Don't deny it!"

Ruth & Ryan said...

He really is a very cute baby and not fugly cute, just simply cute!

Tammy said...

What a handsome little guy!I love the picture of Zack holding him!

Lesli Joe said...

I have to say that after seeing Mitch tonight and getting to hold him, these pictures don't do him justice. He is so much cuter in person. Much like most of us.