Wednesday, October 01, 2008


The title says it all - I have been too busy for my liking as of late. So I want to publicly say I'm sorry for being a crappy daughter, sister, general family member, friend, roommate, teacher, student, comedian, writer, inspirational leader, etc. etc. etc. I'd like to say things will get better . . . but it's unlikely.


Alina said...

I have been in need of some comedic inspiration!

Camie said...

I am not accepting your apology. Get your act together and post something interesing. It's election season and you have a degree in political science. HELLO! If anyone should be blogging right now, it's you. How are the rest of us supposed to know what to think if you're not telling us?

Tammy said...

KNow that you are missed and good luck getting things to slow down with the Holidays coming....hopefully we will see you at Grandma and Greandpa's party this year! Love you choice of music...not many listen to Howard least the ones I know!