Saturday, December 06, 2008


Last night Zack and I made the coolest train cake. I bought this train cake pan on Amazon last week and was so excited to use it. It worked perfectly. Check out how much fun we had.

Zack putting the train together. He put the engine on the tracks (black licorice) first then asked me, "Mandy, which one is the coal car 'cause the coal car goes next." That kid is train crazy.

Zack with the finished product.

Me and Zack with the finished product.

A closer look.

Mitch was also over with us. Isn't this photo great?


The Hulls said...

That is a very cool train cake!! Wow, it is a small world, glad you found ours! I also like your home decor, good job!

Tammy said...

What a great cake pan...I may need to get this sometime. So fun. Your train looks great!

Dalton Family said...

How much fun! The cake looks so good. You are looking great too, your hair is so long!