Monday, October 22, 2007

Rock the Harry Potter Party

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"Who rocks the party, that rocks the party, that rocks the Harry Potter party?" (To understand this reference, click HERE and watch the video).

Apparently my friends and me. Last Saturday (Oct. 20th) I attended Lori's annual Harry Potter party. Although she's been throwing this party for the past 6 years, this it the first year I've attended. Why? To find out, click HERE.

It was loads of fun. We were asked to dress like a character from the books. I went as Tonks (I assume it's obvious from the picture. That is, if you've read the books). We had a grand feast in the great hall, were sorted into houses (I was sorted into Slytherin), played an altered game of quidditch, and had an all around good time. Enjoy the pictures!!

Me with my wand

Me being sorted into Slytherin House.

Me with a crazed fan of the Irish Quidditch Team (aka Christi)


Tammy said...

You make a great Tonks! Love the pictures. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Anonymous said...

LOVED THE PARTY!! I am so glad that you went, even if you were in Slyterin and CHEATED! Ok, maybe it was your teammate Meagan who did all of the cheating. I am so impressed with your knew found knowledge of the World of Harry Potter. I was always so surprised that you weren't a fan from the beginning. I knew you had it in you and I am so glad that you have now joined the ranks and that I was such a big part of your conversion - talking about it ALL of the time and allowing you the time to read on a house boat this summer :) You Rock!

(aka The Crazed Irish Quittich Fan)