Monday, June 09, 2008

Single Life vs. Family Life

The purpose of this post is to tell a funny single life vs. family life story, but because I haven't posted pictures for a couple of weeks, I thought I'd include this picture of Katrina and me at lunch today (even if it's not the best - we're blaming bad lighting). Besides, the picture is still applicable because having lunch with your girlfriends is easier to do in single life than in family life.

Anyway, to the story - after lunch I spent 3 hours searching for the perfect swimming suit. I want a chocolate brown swimsuit that does not have a halter top. I didn't care if it was one-piece or two-piece, all I cared about was the color and the straps. I searched 7 stores and still couldn't find anything!! I was quite distraught over the whole situation when my phone rang. It was a phone call from one of my closest friends, Ruth. Our conversation went something like the following:

Me: Hey

Ruth: Hey, how are you?

Me: Fine (but not sounding fine)

Ruth: You don't sound okay. What's wrong?

Me: (This is all said in one exacerbated breath) I've been trying to find a new swimsuit. I've been to 7 stores and I haven't found anything!! It's not like I'm being too specific. I just want a solid brown suit with two over-the-shoulder straps.

Ruth: Oh

Me: (Realizing how stupid my "drama" sounds) Soooo, how are you? How's Oscar?

Now let me explain - Ruth just had a baby (Oscar) last week and he's been in the NICU since then. I know my stress over finding a new swimsuit must have sounded so trivial and down-right lame compared with her stress, but because Ruth is such a fantastic friend she laughed it off.

Here's where the funny part comes in. Apparently shortly after I talked to Ruth, she called our mutual friend Camie. Camie is also a single girl who is able to stress over trivial things. When Ruth asked Camie how she was, Camie went on to complain about leaving her favorite shampoo at Ruth's house (Camie lives in Virgina and Ruth in Pennsylvania) and being upset that she wouldn't get it back anytime soon. Camie also realized she was complaining about something stupid. Again, Ruth, being such a great friend, laughed and said it was funny because she had just listened to me complain about swimsuits.

Poor Ruth - having to listen to us stupid single girls bitch about random things. I'm sure she's thinking, "Seriously? You think that's something to be upset about?" But because she is such a great friend, she would never say so.

Anyway, until I have a family to worry about, I will continue to worry about swimsuits. Luckily, because Camie had experienced some similar swimsuit issues a couple of weeks ago, she knew exactly what I was going through. After she hung up with Ruth, she called me to give me some swimsuit leads. So, I'd like to thank my single and family friends. Single friends for understanding my concerns and my family friends for not mocking me for those concerns.


Sara J Low said...

I love that I'm not the only single on this planet that stresses over the little things that mean nothing to those who have bigger things. I'm telling you, I got a darling chocolate brown at Eddie Bauer! LOVE IT!!!

Camie said...

If I don't have my favorite shampoo I won't have fabulous hair and if I don't have fabulous hair, I'll never get married and I'll be stuck stressing about trivial matters FOREVER!

Mandalynn said...

Camie, I love you. One more month until I come to visit. Then we can be totally silly and single together. Plus, thanks for the swimsuit suggestions (I love alliteration). I found the perfect one from Lands End.