Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You Know it's the End of the Quarter When . . .

You know it's the end of the quarter when:
  • You've spent the last 3 days doing nothing but grading papers.
  • You have students who are suddenly interested in their grade.
  • You have students who suddenly start turning in work.
  • You have parents you've never heard from calling several times a day trying to find out what their child can do "to be successful in your class."
  • You have parents who call to make excuses for their children.


Stephensen Celebrations said...

Amen! Why can't parents be involved throughout the entire semester? It drives me crazy when parents want me to all of a sudde bend over backwards to improve their child's grade. I basically say, well sorry your child should have been more concerned sooner. There isn't too much they can do now.

Lesli Joe said...

Imagine going through it 8 times a year and I have trackers and case managers calling me after the term has ended wondering if they can make up their work.