Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funny Boy

Zack at my parent's house.
He was suppose to be handing out ice cream to guests, but he was sampling it first.

Last week I went over to my Aunt Jeanine's house to see her and her kids. Jeanine was on the phone and I was talking to Zack when the doorbell rang. Zack ran to answer the door and Jeanine asked me if I'd go get the front door. Zack had opened the door, but it had a chain on it so it wasn't opened all the way. Our cousin, Amber, was at the door with her two kids, Dannika and Dakota. Zack saw them and as I was trying to unhook the chain, he said, "Dannika, Dakota, I'm playing with my best friend, Mandy. She's big like my mom and dad." Amber and I burst out laughing; it was hilarious.


Sam, Sam & Hollie said...

That is hilarious that Zack was sampling the ice cream!

Oh, and I love your new song! It's perfect! How could you not love Barry?!

Tammy said...

Very funny. It is great that you caught it on film to show him later. Kids are so funny. That is cool that he said you are his best friend!