Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm Broken

Today at work I reached for the fan that was on my desk and bent down to put it on the floor. As I did, my back tightened in pain and I yelped, "Ah!" I had students in the room who looked up at me with concern in their eyes. "I just hurt my back," I replied. "I'm fine." But I was not fine. I suddenly became extremely warm and my vision became slightly yellow and fuzzy. I knew that if I didn't sit down immediately, I was going to pass out (I've had experience before). So I stopped lecturing and told my students I needed a minute to sit down. After a minute my head felt clearer, but my back still ached. It's only gotten worse since then. I can only walk if I'm hunched over like an 80 year-old. Could it come at a worse time? I seriously doubt it. I'm praying that I wake up tomorrow and I'm miraculously cured. If not it's going to make for an interesting 3rd day of school.


Tammy said...

Did you wake up feeling better? I sure hope so. I will check back in to see later.

Mandalynn said...

I'm miraculously cured. Okay, not cured, but at least I can walk standing straight.

Lesli Joe said...

I think that is a miracle and you must have great faith! Good think I live with you. Say a prayer for me as well since all your prayers are answered.