Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Past Pictures

I do not own a camera (shocking, I know) so I am at the mercy of my friends for pictures. Today Christi sent me a bunch of past pictures. Here are a few:

June 4, 2007
Me and Christi at Hale Center Theatre.
We went to see Thoroughly Modern Milly.

August 10, 2007 (I think)
Me and Katrina.
We had gone to see Becoming Jane.

August 21, 2007: Christi and me.
We had gone to see Stardust on BYOB day.
BYOB - Bring your own bucket and get popcorn for 50 cents.

August 24th or 31st, 2007 (I'm not sure)
Christi, Lesli, and me.
We went to see Goonies at Herriman's movie in the park.

August 27, 2007
Me and Christi at Alina's b-day party.
I do make a smashing margarita/pina colda


Mandalynn said...

Apparently Christi and I see a lot of movies/plays since four of these pictures were taken at either the movies or a play.

Who am I kidding when I say, "Apparently." Those of you who know me, know how I love the entertainment.

Tammy said...

You can totally see the amount of fun that you and your friends have. I love it when you post pictures that you are in. I love to see your smiling face. It always brings a smile to mine!

katrina said...

I love it when I make it into a picture on your blog. Makes me so happy! We must do more so I can be in more pictures with you!