Saturday, September 22, 2007

Top Candidates

I found a website that helps you find the 2008 presidential candidate that best aligns with your beliefs. It was pretty interesting. I don't know if it's slanted a certain way, but I've read about a lot of different people getting varied results. Take the quiz - it only takes about a minute. I'd be interested in knowing what you got. To take the quiz, click HERE.

Obviously, my top candidates were Democrats followed by Republicans. My top three candidates were Mike Gravel (92%), Dennis Kucinich (92%), and Bill Richardson (78%). It kind of surprised me because I have been supporting Bill Richardson from the beginning.

My bottom three candidates: Sam Brownback (15%), Mitt Romney (11%), and Duncan Hunter (3%)


Mandalynn said...

My dad's top candidates were all Republicans. No surprise there. His top candidate: Tommy Thompson (88%)

Travis Butterfield said...

ha ha. that quiz is awesome. I think I'm going to put it on my blog too. Thanks for sharing.

Lesli Joe said...

Here are my results:
Biden (D) 77.36%
Obama (D) 74.42%
Richardson (D) 75.47%
Edwards (D) 74.53%
Kucinich and Clinton (D) 66.04%
Gravel (D) 61.32%
All the lower ones were Republicans. Surprise, Surprise.

Hobbs Family said...

Thanks for the quiz! I love campaign season, and this was great. Thanks ;-)

Sansego said...

I was 84% Kucinich (yuck!) and 75% Clinton. Weird. My top choice of Obama, I got a 60% or so and he was ranked 6th. The bottom was Fred Thompson and Romney was third from the bottom.

It just goes to show you that there are more factors that cause a person to vote for a particular candidate. Even though I might have the highest in common with Kucinich, I'd vote for Romney or McCain before I ever vote for Kucinich. He rubbed me the wrong way when I was an intern (for Gore) and it's something I can never overlook (he had yelled at me because I didn't know who he was). So, since then, I've seen him as a little Napoleon...small man with a huge ego. And a chihuahua personality to boot. Give me Obama anyday!

leonard said...

sansego, I assure you that you are not the first intern to be rubbed the wrong way by a politician.