Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I saw this on a Ruth's blog and thought it would be fun! Please participate. I can't wait to see what people put here!
  1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
  2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.


Sara J Low said...

I'm following your lead and posted the same thing... I hope that's okay. I don't know how to do the cool link thing to your blog though, you'll have to show me sometime!
My favorite memory of you is one that you don't remember. We were sitting out on the lawn in high school during lunch right underneath the marquee. It was a warm spring day and you were trying to tan. Shadley and Emily were there and we just laughed and laughed, what was so funny, I don't remember, but I remember really thinking you were cool that day! (YES, we were friends in High School, even though you don't remember me! :o) )

Ruth & Ryan said...

Hmmm, I really love thinking about our fun trip to Las Vegas. The fun roller coasters, the shopping, but most importantly we discovered Friday's fire bites. We must have eaten a million of those things in the next year. It was just a grand time.

Plus,(I'm cheating and putting two!)I really loved it when you came out to visit me last year and we spent a day in NY. What fun! I loved going to the temple with you and shopping and then seeing The Color Purple on Broadway. It was a wonderful day. I mainly remember that we just talked and talked and talked and talked. The two of us can talk forever.

And! You are on your way here right this very moment and I can hardly stand the wait!

Emily said...

I'll always remember you as the roommate who loved the 80's. It was so nice to find roommates that understood the need for dressing up in the decade we didn't enjoy as much as we should have. Our end of the year 80's party was awesome and I still have all of my 80's garb. I'll have to show you my recently added violet-pink shoes with built in leg warmers. We'll need another 80's party. Ya. They're that awesome.

Sansego said...

Hmmm...I'm planning an 80s party for New Year's this year. I may need to get some ideas.

Mandy: my favourite memory of you is when we were in D.C. and I had expressed to you why I didn't like roommate Elliot and you couldn't believe that I didn't like him (nor did my other roommates liked him). Then, when you went on a trip to Palmyra NY, you asked me not to say anything for fear that he might invite himself along. I just found it amusing that you were burned out on him after a month (out of all people I've met in life, no one had a higher and faster burn out rate than Elliott).

Your "cool factor" was secured when you wanted to see "Scream 3" at the Union Station movie theater, as well as wanting to watch the Oscars when your strict roommate didn't allow TV watching on Sundays.

Camie said...

Remember the time we looked at online profiles and posted the comment about the speedo? Oh right, it was ten minutes ago.

My other favorite memories of you are the stories you have told me. Like the time your cat got stuck in the dryer and the thong you found on the TV in your kitchen.

Oh and remember 4th of July I rolled your brand new 4 wheeler and bent to handle bar? I was more concerned about the handle bar than the fact that I ALMOST DIED!

Lesli Joe said...

One of my favorite memories of you is one of the first times we did anything together.

I couldn't stand to be at the house I was living it and it was a Sunday night. I came over in my pj's and you watched a TV show and I read a book. We didn't really talk at all.

I love this memory because we have always felt really comfortable and relaxed around each other. We haven't had to "try" to be friends.

Anna Bean said...

Here are a few

Tie dye shirts
Our beauty pageant
Traffic cones and water balloons
"Dinner and a Movie"
Sitting under a blanket with everyone on the balcony

The one that stands out is when we were in Paris and it was my 20th birthday. I was feeling kind of down (probably because my mom and dad weren't there to make a big deal about it.) You tried really hard to make it a special day for me. I really appreciated it. Thanks.

Green Nerd said...

Church History Tour 2004. Need I say more? What could be better than our "Girls on the Prowl" tour. Remember meeting my true love, Brian (I think that was his name). Oh the memories! My favorite one of you would have to be when you bought your nice pink bonnet and then a bottle of root beer (which didn't look like root beer). Truly, those were the best of times.

Erin said...

Royal Crest #301(if I'm remembering right), hours of sitting on your bed talking, you watching your favorite afternoon soap's, our Miss America pageant, oh - the list goes on! Love the memories! So glad to meet up with you again!