Tuesday, November 20, 2007

JSD Amazing Race

Last month I participated in the Jordan School District's Amazing Race. JSD's Amazing Race is based on the CBS show where teams race around the world from check point to check point doing challenges. Instead of racing around the world, our teams (made up mostly of geography teachers) race around SLC using GPS units to locate check points. We also had to do several challenges. This was the second year I'd participated. Last year, my school won!! To read more about last year, click HERE.

This year we did not, but we had tons of fun while our students stayed at school with substitute teachers. Here are a few pictures:

Me, Paula, & Shelly checking our GPS units at the Trax Station.

Me, Shelly, Sheradee, & Paula at the first Pit Stop.

Me climbing the rock wall. This was our last challenge. One team member was to climb to the top and retrieve our team flag. I was chosen to complete it (even though we had a P.E. teacher on our team) because I was the only one who had ever rock climbed before.

Still Climbing . . . Half-way there.

Still Climbing . . . Almost got it.


Tammy said...

How awesome is that. I love the pictures. It looks like you had a blast!

Ruth & Ryan said...

Hooray for rock climbing! I seriously love it! It has been awhile but I would jump at the chance to do it again.

Ruth & Ryan said...

Plus, your butt looks good in those pictures...hehehe

Lesli Joe said...

Holy Cow! You go girl!

Sansego said...

I love the Amazing Race! I wish I could take part in something like that (even if it's probably not authorized by CBS!). That sounds like fun.