Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nicholas's Visit

Last month my old friend, Nicholas, came to Utah for a visit. We were able to spend the evening reminiscing about our BYU and D.C. experiences. I met Nicholas during the fall semester of 1999 at BYU. We were both in the International Politics - Human Rights capstone seminar. The next semester (Winter 2000), we both interned in Washington, D.C. I interned at the State Department and Nicholas interned in Vice President Gore's office. Although I hadn't seen him since 2000, we've kept in touch with Christmas cards, and over the past year with blogging. It was great to see him again and spend some time with him. To read more about our time together, click HERE.

Nicholas, Me, and a fellow intern.

Sorry this picture is so bad, but my scanner is broken so it's a digital picture of an actual picture (and the actual picture wasn't that great to begin with). This picture was taken on the White House lawn where we were attending a ceremonial state arrival for King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife, Sofia.


Sansego said... shouldn't have!

That's nice to read. That's actually a good picture of me. It's weird how I could look so different in various pictures, so I end up not knowing if I'll like the picture or not. I want to burn all the bad ones! :)

I enjoyed the visit and wish we could've talk and hung out longer. 5 hours after not seeing each other for 7 years is not enough time! You really should visit Portland in the next year!

Mandalynn said...

It is a good picture of you. Unfortunately, it's a horrible picture of me.