Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That's a Girl I Used To Go With

Today I spent three hours with my Grandpa Ault going through old photographs. I'm still working on my picture project and I needed some old photos of him and my grandma. Well, there were tons of pictures of my grandpa, but not too many of my grandma. I'd find an old black and white photo and ask my grandpa, "Who's in this one?" He'd then proceed to tell me who it was . . . a distant relative, an old friend, a neighbor. But the most common response was, "That's a girl I used to go with." That's right, pictures of old girlfriends. My grandpa had dozens of them (pictures and girlfriends). There were more pictures of his girlfriends then there were of my grandma. It was hilarious. I laughed every time he said it. Don't worry, though. I eventually found some great pictures of my grandma. I'll scan them this weekend and post them soon.

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Tammy said...

That is hilarious. Who knew Grandpa was such a heart breaker with so many girlfriends! So funny that he has kept them all these years. I am glad you found some of Grandma adventually. I can't wait to see them!