Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pirate Birthday Party - Arrrr

How does one best celebrate turning 30? Why, with a pirate themed birthday party, of course. On Friday I had one of the best birthday parties ever. Here are a few pictures.

Pirate Feast

Delicious birthday cupcakes

Katrina helping with the feast.

Team Honest: Me, Mike, & Larissa

Team Cheat: Tim, Alina, & Matt

Pirate Mike - sporting his eye patch.

Pirate Alina - sporting her jewels

Happy Tim - or maybe he's mad

Me with the pirate chest
(there's treasure in there, I promise)


Lesli Joe said...

How did I go the whole night without getting my picture taken? I'm getting better and better at that!

Tammy said...

You all make great looking Pirates! Happy Birthday!

Sansego said...

Sorry to miss out on the fun! Not that I was invited...but in true pirate fashion, I would've crashed your party if I lived in your area.

I turned 30 long ago and all I did was go see "The Fellowship of the Ring" in the theater with my best friend. It was a cool way to spend the milestone birthday, but looks like yours was a blast! Disneyland and a Pirate Party! Did you ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride?

Mandalynn said...

I did take your picture, but you were on the telephone (not partying) so I didn't put it on the blog.

katrina said...

Those pics make me sad we had to miss the treasure hunt. I most likely would have been on "Team Cheat!" It was a great party though! Can't wait to see what the theme of the next one is!

Alina said...

...and by "team cheat" she means "team win". They are just jealous. In fact, I believe they are still missing a clue.

Anonymous said...
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