Monday, June 08, 2009

Finally, I'm done . . . Well, almost

So, I'm finally done with my picture project. Well, I'm almost done. I have to print off and add four more pictures. Anyways, you'll get the picture (pun intended). To see the process, click on any of the past posts:
All the frames. Plus, they're all full (except for 4 pics).

I'm in the middle,
my Grandma Ault is on the left,
and my Grandma George is on the right.

All of these photos are of my grandparents.
The middle two are my grandmas when they were young
The left are of my Grandpa George and the right of my Grandpa Ault.

Me and my siblings.
First it was just me and Kyle,
Then me, Kyle, and Adam,
Finally, it was all four of us - me, Kyle, Adam and Louis.

My Grandparents' weddings.
My Grandma Ault and her wedding party are on the top.
My Grandma George and her wedding party are on the bottom.


Samantha said...

That turned out so cool! I especially love the ones of grandma & grandpa!! I haven't seen most of the ones you have here.

Erin said...

That turned out really nice! Good job - I have a wall with just 3 frames, 2 of them have the models pictures still in them. I should really take lessons from you!

Tammy said...

Your wall turned out amazing! The pictures you found are amazing!