Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Best of Friends

Alina just finished a facebook project - she added old pictures of all her friends. This is the picture she added for me. The caption she wrote said, "Mandy and I became friends in High School. Even back then we were fans of the Smiths and playing cards." I love this picture - some things never change (aside from the fact that I now wear pants - seriously, what was I wearing? Super short shorts?)

Shadley, Me, and Alina


Camie said...

I'm pretending you're not wearing shorts.

Valery said...

Those are called hot pants that one would wear under a cheer skirt. Were you playing strip poker and lost your skirt early on?

Valery said...

I have loved looking through Alina's old pics of everyone. It got me looking through some older albums...I have some great ones I will need to scan and share sooner than later!!!